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By Will Anderson – Managing Editor, Austin Business Journal

Update: After updating this list throughout 2021, Austin Business Journal has completed a final update with details on 36 companies that last year announced or began their relocation to the Austin area. This is not an exhaustive list but represents the companies ABJ confirmed were shifting substantial operations to Central Texas.

Original story: In the Austin Business Journal newsroom, we often stress not missing the forest for the trees. Consider this the view from the fire lookout tower.

You can find more details below on the companies that have announced or begun their relocations since the start of the year.

Central Texas has always lured small and mid-size companies seeking lower costs of living than the coasts, alongside a stout talent pool that can support a wide variety of industries. Yet, as the December announcement that Oracle Corp. had shifted its HQ to Austin showed, the capital city is now fair game for everyone from the Fortune 500 down to “solopreneuers.” Economic development insiders expect relocations will continue this year and say they could play a major role in helping the economy rebound from the pandemic.

  • Tesla Inc., the electric vehicle giant, moved its headquarters to Austin from Palo Alto, Calif.
  • Cart.com Inc., an e-commerce platform company, announced Dec. 9 that it moved its headquarters to downtown Austin from Houston.
  • KingsIsle Entertainment Inc., a video game developer, is moving its headquarters to Round Rock from Plano.
  • Super Coffee, a consumer packed goods company making coffee and related products, relocated its headquarters to Austin from New York, the Austin American-Statesman reported in September.
  • Touchdown PR, a public relations firm, announced Oct. 28 it had moved its global headquarters to Austin from the United Kingdom.
  • Poppi, a company making prebiotic soda, said it would move its headquarters to Austin in 2021 from Dallas.
  • F45 Training Holdings Inc., a gym franchise, confirmed it had relocated its headquarters to Austin from El Segundo, California, when it filed to go public.
  •  240 Tech LLC, a garment-printing company, said it will put its second headquarters in Cedar Park, north of Austin. The company is based in Santa Ana, California.
  • Green Dot Corp., a prepaid debit card and digital banking company, is moving its headquarters to Austin from Southern California.
  • Einride AB, a Swedish company developing a self-driving electric freight vehicle, is putting its U.S. headquarters in Austin.It also announced plans to open offices in New York and Silicon Valley.
  • MilkRun Inc. — a company that delivers locally farmed eggs, meat, dairy and produce to consumers — relocated to Austin from Portland.
  • Invzbl LLC, maker of machines that use ultraviolet radiation to disinfect phones and other devices, has relocated its headquarters to Austin from Charlotte, N.C.
  • Blockcap Inc., a cryptocurrency mining startup, moved its headquarters to Austin from Las Vegas.
  • Markaaz Inc., which makes an artificial intelligence-powered small business platform that helps connect those kinds of companies to clients and services, has relocated its headquarters to Austin from Los Angeles.
  • City Shoppe, an e-commerce company with a platform that helps people shop locally online, is relocating to Austin from Portland.
  • XR Masters, which develops software that enables immersive technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality — as well as immersive tech yet to be created — relocated its headquarters to Austin from Chicago,
  • Elevate Brands announced March 24 Austin had become the New York City-based startup’s second headquarters. With a new second headquarters already set up at co-working company Galvanize’s 2nd Street Austin location, Elevate Brands is preparing to establish its own office space and hire locally as it expands in the Texas capital.
  • Harmonate, a financial-technology company making software to accelerate private capital document processing and data analysis, announced March 23 plans to move to Austin from San Jose, California.
  • CrowdStreet Inc., a real estate investment marketplace, announced March 19 that it will be relocating its headquarters in June to Austin.
  • NinjaRMM LLC, which makes remote-monitoring and management software that allows businesses to keep tabs on their tech devices, told Austin Business Journal that is has moved its headquarters to Austin from San Francisco.
  • Eleiko, which makes workout equipment, relocated its U.S. headquarters to Austin from Chicago.
  • ZP Better Together LLC, a software maker also known as ZP, relocated to Austin from Rocklin, California, according to a Jan.
  • QSAM Biosciences Inc., a biotechnology company developing cancer treatments, relocated to Austin from Palm Beach, Florida.
  •  Alpha Paw LLC, a company selling pet supplies online such as dog beds and dog car safety seats, and its Victor’s Doggy Cookies division relocated from Las Vegas. Ramon van Meer is CEO of Alpha Paw and his young son, Victor, is fouVictor’s Doggy Cookies. While their businesses were based in Nevada, they moved to the Texas capital from San Francisco.
  • Sentry Kiosk Inc., which makes autonomous machines that can help prevent the spread of Covid-19 in workplaces by screening people and taking their temperatures, relocated from Minnesota.
  • Precision Global Consulting Ltd., a firm that helps companies place contract workers and serves as employer of record for those looking to hire, relocated to Austin from New York City.
  • Ametrine Inc., which manufactures camouflage for the military, relocated from Maryland.
  • Digital Realty Trust Inc., a giant in the realm of owning and operating data centers used by major technology companies, relocated to Austin from San Francisco.
  • Loop Insurance, a technology company offering a new kind of auto insurance, relocated to Austin from Washington, D.C.
  • Truelytics, a company making software for wealth managers, relocated to Austin from Boston.
  • Amazing Magnets LLC, a magnet manufacturer and distributor, relocated from Anaheim, Calif.The company company expected to have 25 employees in Round Rock by the end of 2021, with plans to double its team in 2022. Most of its current staff are moving to Texas.
  • 8VC, a venture capital firm with a portfolio that includes investments in companies such as Hims and Oculus, relocated to Austin from San Francisco.

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