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Global heavyweights such as Google, Apple and Facebook are gradually unfolding their own versions of how their employees will return to the workplace after more than a year of operating remotely. The plans come in a variety of combinations of abbreviated workweeks, flexible work-from-home days, options to relocate to a different office or the choice to not return to the office.



Headquarters: San Francisco
Total Employees: More than 56,600 around the world and about 10,000 based in San Francisco.
Office Reopening Date: May 2021


Headquarters: Mountain View, California
Total Employees: About 140,000 around the world, and more than 52,000 in California.
Office Reopening Date: April 2021


Headquarters: Cupertino, California
Total Employees: More than 36,785 people across the country.
Office Reopening Date: September 2021


Headquarters: Menlo Park, California
Total Employees: More than 58,600 workers globally, about a quarter of whom are based out of the Bay Area.
Office Reopening Date: The social media giant began reopening its offices in May starting with its Silicon Valley headquarters. Its office space in Fremont, California, reopened May 17; its Sunnyvale, California, workspace was scheduled to reopen May 24; and its two downtown San Francisco towers are planned to open to workers starting in early June.


Headquarters: San Francisco
Total Employees: More than 22,000 around the world, including about 3,500 workers throughout the Bay Area.
Office Reopening Date: The ride-hailing company was one of San Francisco’s first corporate tenants to reopen its headquarters, with its four-building, 1 million-square-foot Mission Bay complex welcoming back workers in late March.

Cisco Systems

Headquarters: San Jose, California
Total Employees: More than 77,500 around the world, with about 39,000 based throughout the United States.
Office Reopening Date: The multinational technology conglomerate is targeting a headquarters reopening in early July but has yet to decide whether the return will be mandatory or voluntary.


Headquarters: San Francisco
Total Employees: The vacation-rental giant employs about 5,500 people, a majority of whom are based in its Bay Area offices.
Office Reopening Date: The company has yet to set an official date, but said employees won’t be required to return until at least September 2022.


Headquarters: San Francisco
Total Employees: The online business review company reported a global workforce of more than 3,900 employees at the end of 2020 and, as part of a broad cost-cutting plan, is shifting a majority of them out of high-cost markets like San Francisco to the greater Phoenix area.
Office Reopening Date: Yelp told employees last month that it would steadily reopen offices across the country, starting with its outpost in Phoenix this August and ending with its San Francisco headquarters in November.


Headquarters: San Francisco
Total Employees: About 2,800 worldwide, with about 1,700 based in the Bay Area.
Office Reopening Date: The file-sharing giant has said its mandatory work-from-home policy will remain in effect through June, if not longer.


Headquarters: San Francisco
Total Employees: 2,200 employees based around the world, a majority of whom are out of its San Francisco headquarters.
Office Reopening Date: No plans until at least August.


Headquarters: San Jose, California
Total Employees: More than 23,000 worldwide, about 40% of whom are based throughout the Bay Area.
Office Reopening Date: Gradual re openings for offices around the world began in January, but Bay Area offices remain closed.

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